Not Yet. Please Not Yet…

Photo Courtesy of Edmond Kwong at Imagewurx
Photo Courtesy of Edmond Kwong at Imagewurx

If you are really lucky, you get the chance to be in productions where you wish it wouldn’t end. At least once.  I have been crazy for Crazy For You.

The reasons can be for anything; you love the role that you are playing, the show is going to Broadway, or like my case, the cast works so incredibly well together. We have celebrated birthdays for multiple people every single week of performances. We have laughed, been silly, stressed out, and danced ourselves sticky sweaty these last 10 weeks of rehearsals and performances.

It isn’t every show that I truly look forward to seeing every person every day.  I feel a wee bit sad that I won’t get to see them as much. Even though I have left the theatre at the end of the night sometimes with the need to soak in an ice bath or a tub of icy hot and bruised up, I have had a truly wonderful time working alongside such an outstanding group of people from every aspect of this production.

Every drop of sweat, every achy muscle, and every bit of glue has been well spent.  I think this little gem sparkles just right.  But just for two more performances.  Friday and Saturday…

I am going to be a sad mess on Saturday.

Maybe even Sunday.

I am not looking forward to this.

Can’t believe I’m saying this…

After doing 6 shows this weekend, I am SO glad that Monday is right around the corner!

With the major bulk of the play performances now over, I am starting to feel both a little sad and a little relieved.  Sad because I know that a lot of the wonderful people that I am now surrounded with will move on to the next thing, as will I.  Relieved because I am just a wee bit tired.

Now that I have been talking more to the crew, I am kind of wishing for just a little longer of a run.  I always feel bad that I hardly ever get to learn about the crew people the way, I learn about the cast.  Since we only have a 3 person crew, it’s a little easier, but because we were so focused on getting the show right and tightening up the shifts, there wasn’t much time to chat.  As things come together,  I have really enjoyed truly meeting Hugo, Rodrigo, and Hilda.  Hilda was in the booth, while the boys worked the fly rail and move the sets.

At first, I was a little hesitant because they spoke in such rapid spanish with not only one another, but with other members of the cast, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  However, I’ve picked up some stuff from them as well as a whole lot of laughs that I am grateful for.  I still have to ask for A LOT of translation. Luckily, there are many people in the cast who take pity on me and help me out.