One, one run through of Act 1, ah ah ah…

We did an actual run through of Act 1 today, and I was very nervous, because I am not off book as well as I would like to be.  So during the scenes I was off stage, I would study the pages in a panicked fury.  I think I did alright, but I think I am infused my “villain” with a little too much of the character of Igor.  Well, crap!

Elisa says it’s good thing, because it shows that only the most “defective” of people would befriend our main villain.  I am just hoping that it doesn’t come off like a big caricature.  I want the guy to be slithery and dirty, but still have a touch of humanity.

I was a wee bit excited because some of the people say that my Spanish is getting a lot better.

The run through itself was great to finally do.  It’s nice to get an idea of consistency. The musicians of the play were creating a score on the spot.  I definitely found that the music added to the overall feel of the play.  There was one problem with having the musicians in the rehearsal hall.  That little problem has to do with echo.  As the music is being figured out, they play at a volume that is much louder than the scene that’s being performed.  It occasionally  made it difficult to focus on the scene at hand.

The great thing that came out of the run through is that there are some gaps that I had from having to work during some of the rehearsal times.

We have tomorrow night off, so you can surely bet that I will be studying my script.

I should get started on that right…about…now!