I feel bad for you, but…

New York has been using this poster as a PSA for diabetes.  I don’t find the information on it offensive.  I don’t find the 3 large soda cups offensive.  I do find it offensive however that it always seems to only be the fat person who is shown on a flyer like this.  Why don’t they ever show a person who is thin? Do you think they are immune? Check out this link and open your minds.

But here’s the kicker.  The model in this image is an actor.  Not only is he an actor, he is one that actually has both legs!  His image was altered into the typical scare tactic sort of marketing that the diet and pharmaceutical companies rely on to get us to buy their products to make them richer.   Here’s the full story for the PSA.

The actor in the image was a model for a photographer that then sold the pictures to a stock photo company.  The waiver he signed was written so that alterations and such could be made without the model’s consent.  The actor is concerned how it could affect his career.  Some would think it is could hurt your career.  I think if you own it,  slap that puppy on your resume, it will look more like work you’ve done rather than you being “taken advantage of.”

Personally, I think it sucks that this is the only way that diabetes is shown to people.  But if I were to be paid to be posing for pictures regardless of whether or not I was an active participant in the marketing campaign, is it such a bad thing to add it to my professional value?

I feel bad for you buddy, but like I say, use it for your resume.  Who cares if it’s on a PSA that you dislike?  You got some money for that image (even if it is altered) so let it boost your career. There are plenty of actors who have done projects that they didn’t like or believe in.

What do you think, dear reader?  Is it right for the marketing company to not notify you if they alter your image?  What would you do about it?