Have You Met My Mother…

Sunday was Mother’s Day.
So I called my mother.
She didn’t answer.
So I sent her a text message to which she replied almost instantaneously.

My mom is like me in a lot of ways. Or rather vise versa. Here are some of our shared traits:

  • Stubbornness
  • Refuses to ask for help
  • Loves pop music
  • Loud. Well… not so much anymore
  • Loyal
  • Always wants to learn
  • AND hates having her picture taken

My mother and I have had some tough times as I was growing up. Lots of arguing, smart-assed comments galore, and the like. I guess it was for some attention. Being number 3 out of 5 kids was never fun.  My two older sisters were trouble makers in the fighting at school sort of way.  My two younger siblings were
prone to tantrums if they didn’t get their way.  My dad had a lot of trouble with the “law” so that left my mom to raise us mostly on her own.

I don’t know how she managed to do it. She just kind of hunkered down and got it done.  That’s how she got over her smoking addiction.  If she had withdrawls, we never saw them.

I don’t want to brag, but I was an observant kid. I knew she had her hands full with my sisters and brother, so I had to become independant. Almost like a latch key kid by my own choosing.  I was never allowed to be home by myself because I had a knack for breaking things. (Radios, telephone,  VCR, and a microwave) but when i knew no one was there, i would climb in through the window. I had a small supply of food items, mostly junk (what did you expect? I was a kid.) I kept to myself by decorating my room themed on current holidays or colors.  I would get the colored paper from old magazines and cut it up.  It was like I had my own little art class.  My mom would see this and just shake her head.

She never understood my need to make stuff.  To some degree, I still don’t think she does.

I always want to ask her sometimes, when we are just sitting quietly, if there was anything that she wanted to do but never got to. I never do. I guess I am too afraid to find out the answer.

If we are as similar as I think we are, I feel like there are so many things that she would do differently, which of course would mean a different future. So I don’t ask.

I am amazed at how she has coped with all the sh…tuff that life had given her to handle.  I hope that I can be as strong as her whenever I need to be. She’s pretty incredible.

Not even 4 Tony Nominations could save…

Enron Closes on Broadway May 9, 2010

With nominations in Best Original Score (Music: Adam Cork and Lyrics: Lucy Prebble), Best Featured Actor (Stephen Kunken), Best Lighting Design of a Play (Mark Henderson), and Best Sound Design (Adam Cork), the show about a big company going belly up played it’s final performance on Mother’s Day.  Watching this vid made me want to actually see the show.  Here’s the whole story…

STAGE TUBE: PBS Profiles ENRON’s Broadway Closing Video Content (BroadwayWorld.com).