Dear Dance Community…

After 16 years at the Cubberley Community Center, Zohar needs a few repairs. Please help make the studio safer, cleaner, and more dancer-friendly for all!

I think I’ve mentioned many times that I am a student at Zohar School of Dance.  I’ve been there for nearly a year now and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it.

Since I’ve been attending classes here, I’ve heard about this lengthy ongoing process that’s kept the companies renting space at the Cubberley Community Center unsure if they would continue to have a “home.”  A few times we, the students, have been asked to come to hearings to support the studio maintaining its place.  As I understand it, it was announced a few weeks ago that Zohar will keep its space for at least another 3-5 years!  That’s definitely a cause for celebration.

While all this is fantastic news, the decision has been made that the facility could use some repairs.  As I am sure you all know, funds for non-profit companies have been tougher and tougher to come by.  And Artistic non-profits take the hardest hit of all.  So I have decided to turn to you, my dear, dear friends of Dance and fellow Dancers to ask for your help.

On Labor Day weekend, Zohar would love to kick off its “Facility Facelift” campaign.  There are a few ways to help.

1.  Time – If you happen to be free on either Saturday or Sunday, September 1st or 2nd, we would love to have some extra hands on deck to help with a number of tasks.  It could be anything from framing pictures to clearing chairs to assembling furniture or helping to repair our dance floor.  The fun begins at 1:00 pm on Saturday.  If you are handy with power tools and have some, we would REALLY love to have you come out and help.

2.  Wish List  – In the studios there is a message board that has our instructors on it.  Under their pictures, there is a “wish list” of items that each teach would love to have at the studio.  It ranges from things like CD racks or fans for cooling down the studio.  Simply pull off the tab of the item you would like to “purchase” for the studio (by donating that dollar amount)  place your name and contact information on it and place it in the little black and white box on the check-in window’s counter.  If you’d like to come into the studios to check out the board you can find directions here: Maybe you can squeeze in a class while you are here!

3. Individual Donation –  Zohar accepts donations 24-7 via their website  If you can’t help out with your time or by buying a wish list item, any amount that you can donate will go toward the improvements and will be GREATLY appreciated.

4. Sharing – We know that there must be people out there that are able and maybe if you simply share this page with your friends and families, maybe we can reach enough people that are willing to help.  Zohar offers a number of community programs that are focused on youth and people who may not have the chance to be exposed to dance.  The earned income of the dance studio mainly pays for those programs and leaves just a very very small portion to help with this project.  If  you would like to learn more about the outreach programs Zohar offers you can find that here:

A number of us students are happily rolling up our sleeves to help with this project but it would be such a quick project if we had the help of the community.

Please consider donating or sharing to help us make these improvements.  You will be celebrated as a staunch supporter of Dance by the faculty, students, and Board of Directors on the message boards!  Not only that, your donations are tax deductible!

I truly thank you for your time and leave you with these last few words:

“The next time you look into the mirror,

just look at the way the ears rest next to the head;

look at the way the hairline grows;

think of all the little bones in your wrist.

It is a miracle. And the dance is a 

celebration of that miracle.”

– Martha Graham


”Dancing is a very living art.

It is essentially of the moment, although a very old art.

A dancer’s art is lived while he is dancing.

Nothing is left of his art except the pictures and the memories

-when his dancing days are over.”

– Martha Graham



Going the distance is a very short race…

Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long and Drew Barrymore share a boat ride.

As fortune would have it, I was once again blessed by the free movie ticket gods to see a little flick called “Going The Distance” which starred Drew Barrymore and Justin Long as a couple that have to manage a long distance relationship and all the doubts and stresses that go with it.  It’s a total stereotypical romantic comedy that anyone could guess the outcome.  The film has several themes such as following dreams, things that we do for love, temptation, and selflessness.  The movie doesn’t get all bogged down by tackling these issues with any depth. The real surprise was some of the random dialogue that comes out of left field that makes you stop and say “Did s/he just say that?”  You’ll see what I mean in the first scene at the bar between the friends Garret, Dan, and Box (Long, Day, and Sudeikis).

The start of the movie takes off like a freakin Kentucky Derby.  The jokes move the pacing of the movie so it’s actually kind of fun.  The chemistry between Justin Long and his two friends works incredibly well.  Also, as if I have to mention, so does his chemistry with Drew Barrymore.  I can’t say that there was any bad acting in the movie as everyone did exactly what the script calls for.  Even though the run time was about 85 minutes, it felt like it was over two hours. That’s the only true downer.  It was a little disappointing that funnyman Jim Gaffigan didn’t have too much to do in this movie, but he did have two truly funny moments.  One, of course, was the table scene where he’s eating a sandwich.  Jeez, the audience EXPLODED with laughter so loud that the next few lines were inaudible.  In addition to the comedy talents of Gaffigan and Sudeikis, Mike Birbiglia had a small part as a quirky waiter that knew nothing about wine. But I have to say if there was a stand out performance in this movie for me it was Christina Applegate.  Man, she was a comedy beast!  She plays the germaphobic and tough loving sister, Corrine to Barrymore’s Erin.  Every time that she is on the screen you can bet that there will be a laugh! Her rant about dry humping is epically hilarious.  Yes, epically.

The soundtrack is incredible! It’s got some great music from the featured band The Boxer Rebellion as well as a few throwbacks like The Pretender’s “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”

So if you are a fan of any of the actors in the movie, you’ll probably enjoy it providing that you know there isn’t anything deep about it.  It’s a nice piece that works for the purpose of escapism. If that’s what you need, this will totally fit the bill.  It was supposed to start today, but it got pushed back to Labor Day weekend.   Smart thinking as there isn’t anything coming out that weekend.