I Just Thought Of Something That Scares Me A Little…



I  spent my 4th of July working on Jesus Christ Superstar and Pippin and a couple of sewing projects while Perry was at work.

I had to make sure to get my concepts on paper, check out when I can interview another person for the Assistant Director position, write out choreography, character, and costume ideas for JCS. I know that if I don’t do this now, I will probably forget what I was thinking.

I’ve been thinking about how I could best go about explaining my directorial debut.  Aside from simply blogging about it, I think I will try and record some of the rehearsals with either audio or video devices.  For now, I think I should get this first while it is in my head…

As I was compiling my notes for JCS, I began to think about the emails and Facebook messages I’ve gotten from people excited about the auditions and the show itself. I am so happy that people are excited for the show and for my first project in this capacity.  I also get just the tiniest bit nervous because that little voice in my smarts-holder starts asking questions.  The big one is “What if you can’t pull this off?”  or worse “what if the people don’t like working with you in this role?” Gah!!!  Shuddup, party-pisser! Its gonna be awesome, because I am Roarsome! I have a shirt to prove it.  So there! Thanks Sarah! Anyway, back on track…

Then I began to breakdown the characters and who sings what and I see that while there are many solos to be had, what happens if I get a TON of people to audition and I don’t have parts for them?  What’s really playing with my head is what if I have way more good people that are friends than I have parts?  How do I tell my friends that I can’t/didn’t cast them? Not only that, what will the backlash be?  I suppose I could just make it a REALLY large cast!  Kidding.  That would be absurd.

Seriously, though.  I very nearly had a panic attack while I was sitting at the table holding a glass of water, thinking of the next thing that I had to write down.

It amazes me how quickly and randomly the brain works.  I was just looking through the perusal script as I was listening to the soundtrack when BAM! my thoughts take a 90 degree turn at 341  mph and I see my glass start to shake in my hand.  For a split second things get a little unfocused because I go in that daydream kind of headspace where I am not really focusing on anything, and I just see all these people being angry with me.  So my breath starts to catch and then I hear one of those screaming firework things and it pulls me right out of it. So… thanks for scaring the shit out of me Mr. Neighbor Guy!

You see those eggs up there ⇡?  Imagine feeling like that…



But let’s think about things I shan’t be stressing over…

I think I have the majority of my staff!! Woot woot!!

So as of this moment, this is the unconfirmed dream team that will help make JCS frakkin’ amazing!

Music Director: Jean Narunsky

Vocal Director: Judy Steinle

Costumes: Sue Howell (I was just kidding with her saying that she had to build all the costumes from scratch.  She didn’t even bat an eye and she said “Oh, I can do that!”)

Stage Manager: Emily Pye!!  (She is all kinds of amazing!)

Set Design: Stephen Wathen

Light Design: Mike Munoz (There will be no smoke machines.)

Still figuring out Sound, AD, and Tech Director, but I shall keep you posted on that.

The next thing that I need to do is to find out what the budgeting looks like for this show.  I think I have some ideas on how to save some dough without compromising everything that I want. So that calls for a meeting with my Producer ladies, Nancy Kwong and Liz Dale.

Well, now that I am super excited again, I think I am going to go back to work on my “stuffs.”

I think I wanna knit now and listen to a podcast.

It’ll be a nice way to wind down!

If you have any advice on how to let a friend down easy so that I am prepared for auditions, I would LOVE to hear it. All suggestions will be helpful.  Even the totally looney ones!  Leave a comment below with your ideas. Cheers!




Using New Eyes To See My World…


The first rule of improv is to always say “Yes.”

Lots of things have been happening at a much quicker pace than I would like for them to do so, BUT I am taking a page from improv for the time being.
I have been given keys to the nursery! Not sure if it’s a promotion, but I have them.
There’s only three weeks before we open WVLO’s 9-5.
Only one more reading for The Killing Jar for New Play Development Factory over at the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City, then THAT ends.

Before I know it, it will be winter and my work on Jesus Christ Superstar must begin.

Keeping this in mind, I have begun to really watch “my world,” be it at the nursery or in rehearsals for any show, with a special emphasis on interactions.
How do people interact with each other? When they are having a conversation, are they REALLY listening? I watch the eyes so see if the mind is already forming things to say which means that the person isn’t fully engaged. I’ve personally experienced this. Where I have been the one that wasn’t fully listening, that is. When I find myself doing that, I try to have the person repeat what was said if it wasn’t too long.

I used the picture above, because in a way I feel sort of detached as I watch people. Being a “people person,” it makes it hard not to want to connect and be a part of everything.

But, I need to practice my watching skills.

However, in doing so, I have found that some of the interactions I witness are saddening.

In my theatre world, I have been taught that when people are working in the room, one must either pay attention (even if you aren’t the one working) or remove yourself from the room as quietly and without disruption. Anything else is disrespectful.

I am always trying to learn something new so I would be the type to pay attention. Should the need to talk to a fellow cast mate arise, either to ask or answer a question, it will always be done in a whisper so as not to disturb the others.

I would like to say that I find it surprising that people don’t seem to understand these little actions of respect for others are important. Weeellll, I suppose when I really think about it, I realize I shouldn’t be. Our digital age has brought us to the period of “Look at Me! Look at Me!” with the advent of youtube and video recording phones.

I guess what I miss seeing is simple manners.

Whatever happened to them?

All I know is that I am watching and I am going to remember come auditions for JCS.

Join Us… ♫♪We’ve Got Magic To Do! ♫♬

I am not sure what it is about Sunnyvale Community Players, but for each of the shows I’ve done there have been super important, maybe even life altering events.

Little Mary Sunshine

The first show I had ever done with the Sunnyvale Players was this campy little show called “Little Mary Sunshine.”   It was directed by Ben Canter and it was kind of a free for all.  At least that’s how it seemed to me.  It was fun and funny, but the cast was madness.  The significant thing for that show was that’s where I met my munster! Looking back to those 17 years ago and being in the parking lot of Braley Park after rehearsal with the whole cast leaving just the two of us to meet them at Jakes was so shady, but I am forever thankful that it happened.


The second show I was lucky enough to take part in was one of my three favorite shows of all time. Jesus Christ Superstar.  Not being a religious person, it was mostly the story and music that made me love this show.  It was also the very first musical that I was exposed to once I was old enough to understand what a musical was.  My best friend at the time had showed it to me one night during  a sleepover and I became obsessed with it.  We would sing the songs when we hung out so it only seemed right to dedicate my performance as Judas to her.  That is for sure, my absolute favorite role to perform.

And now we come to 2013.

Bob Fosse has been a source of inspiration for me for over the past two decades.

My friend, Rachel, used to say, with a roll of the eyes, “he’s only the best choreographer in this life and the next.”

As a man, yeah, he left a little to be desired.  He abused drugs and was a womanizer.  As a creator, he, I believe, was amazing.  He took everything that was a weakness, like his bowed legs and pigeon toes, and created a style! The shows that he’s created have amazing characters that I would one day LOVE to play.

And now I have the chance!

My third show with Sunnyvale is going to be PIPPIN!!  Part 2 of my trio of favorites!!!

Bet you can’t guess who!!!

Rehearsals start in July and I want it to be here NOW!!!

So excited that I cannot even properly express in words.

Ohmigod, Ohmigod You Guys!!!!!!!!


Little more than a week ago, I had a meeting that I was prepping for.  I was so nervous that I think I led them on a maze to get to the point.  The meeting was for a directing/choreography gig.

I put a little presentation together showing that I had thought about all aspects of the show to some degree.  I talked about ideas for set design, costumes, the show, the music and the auditions.  I had ideas that I don’t even know where they came from but that I have never seen, even though I scoured youtube for hours and HOURS during my prep time.

I spoke about my concern that this is was a controversial show when it first opened. I don’t know if it still is.  I am sure that someone out there will be upset that it’s seeing the light of day once again.  People picketed and if I recall correctly there was even a movie house that was burned down.

I love that one of the producers said “We were just going to come in here and bombard you with a ton of questions.  I didn’t know we were getting a presentation!”

After 9 very long days, I finally got the word…AY!!

So I have my first project of 2014!!!!  I will be directing and choreographing Jesus Christ Superstar for WVLO Music Theatre!!!!  

This news will make the loss of “Sugar” and “Promises” and “Knickers” easier to take.