🎼And I Have No Concept of Time, Other Than It Is Flying…🎢

Hello Gentle Reader!

Happy March? OMG, why does time move so swiftly when we aren’t looking? 😭

Since last post, not too much has happened. And what has happened has been large in impact.

Quick list then the break down…

*My father seems to be getting worse with his dementia and needs more care than what we can do now, *considering a side hustle so we can have a little extra income to pay for that care and donate to research regarding the brain and memory loss, *lots of unexpected comedian deaths and *now the conflict in Europe.

I want to say I am surprised. I really do. But, I was expecting some sort of conflict. I didn’t know where or who but I knew something was going to happen. That sounds so vague. LOL! Trust me, I know how it sounds. I think at some point I had heard about this brewing in October or November and my brain just tried to find the end game. That seems to be the obvious answer, but I don’t watch any news. I look up specific topics to learn about the latest things on them and politics is never something that comes to mind when I am looking to learn about the latest things. So… I dunno if I fully believe that is the answer.

Let me go back to New Years Eve. The Brunch Club (name to be confirmed. πŸ˜„) gathered and enjoyed the last one of the year. It was a lot of fun. Until we found out that beloved Betty White had passed away. The lull in the conversation was halted by some friends joining in on the fun. We talked and laughed. I don’t know why, but I decided this was a perfect time to bring down the mood again. LOL! The night before, I was plagued with terrible awful nightmares that I don’t even want to think about. In the middle of this get together, I brought up my feelings about what I dreamed and said something bad is coming. Really bad. I said stock up on supplies… some time during the spring or early summer because I remembered that I had felt really warm. I know it sounds silly and we were all a little loopy so we kind of just giggled about it and went on with chatting and stuff. At some point, before the end of the meal, I threw out a reminder and added a parental finger point to make sure they knew I meant business. Then, someone suggested we move the party to another venue, so off we went.

After NYE, it was all just a bunch of sad news of people passing. But some of these people were comedians that I loved growing up and quoted with my family. Bob Saget was so great to see in the clubs because he wasn’t really limited on what he would talk about like on his tv shows. Even so, I still watched Full House and AFV – one of my faves for sure. Louie Anderson had a crazy funny special on cable at some point in the 90’s that we would watch repeatedly. Meatloaf made with such energetic storytelling, but I loved him in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Spice World. LOL. What? I ain’t scared to say I like that movie! It was silly fun. Include Betty White and it was just a big amount of loss to not want to acknowledge because I loved them as I grew up. They gave me so many laughs. 😭

And last night, we finally got around to watching the SAG Awards. The “In Memoriam” section hit a little harder this time around. I began to wonder if it would just get worse as the years continue because you are aware of more and more of these people. πŸ˜”

Speaking of losing people you grew up with… A few weeks ago, I had gone to see my dad. I was hoping that he would want to take a car ride to the ocean. I can’t recall a time that he spoke of going to water that wasn’t a reservoir or creek. I figured a little adventure would be good for him just like our trip to see his sisters had done. He was asleep when I got there and at one point when he did come out of the room, he didn’t recognize me. He later told my mom that he thought I was the landlord of the apartment. This wasn’t the first time that he didn’t recognize me but it was the first time that I could see in his eyes that he didn’t. That is something that you’re never quite prepared for. It is sad and in your head, you know the reason, but in your heart, it still hurts.

He has been having trouble keeping his balance for awhile now as well and my mom thinks he might have to go into an assisted living facility. I know he will be so upset about it. I also know that this is a tough thing to do because it is so expensive.

So I have been researching little side gigs to do that I think would let me have a little fun, but more importantly allow me to raise money to get him that care and to have enough to donate to research for the cures for brain related illnesses that cause dementia. I found one that I think is promising, but the testing and practice takes a little time. I am hoping that by end of April, I will be able to share that with you.

Just so you don’t think that this whole time has been sad or depressing, I have gone to the drive-in several times! There is something that is so much more fun being there than in a regular cinema. The biggest drawback is headlights, but I don’t mind it that much. Tried two new restaurants that had delicious food, saw Margaret Cho at the Improv, had a few Brunch Club meet-ups. Seen some pretty good movies at the regular cinema. If you haven’t seen the latest Spider-Man movie, what are you waiting for!!??? SO FLIPPING GOOD!

You see, Dear Reader, life just made me lose track of time. It has been slightly uneventful, but the events were impactful. On the acting front, I haven’t really auditioned for anything except one and I have a call back to let you know about soon. Off to do some preparation!

I hope you are well and thank you for letting me bend your ear, Kind Reader.

Until next time, stay safe and alert. Be kind to others and yourselves.