✸✸ Jedi Mind Trick ✸✸

This IS the show that you want to see this weekend.

Last night we went to go and see the One Man Star Wars Trilogy at the San Jose Rep.  I am not sure why, but I told Perry we should leave much earlier than normal so we find parking.  He thought that we should be fine because it was a Thursday and nothing really happens on a Thursday in downtown San Jose.   So we hop in the car around 7:20 and head over to the theatre. When we get off the freeway, I notice that there are a very large number of high school age students out and about.  I mean a lot! I mention this and say maybe there’s something going on.  Turn the corner on San Carlos and we can hear Music in the Park is happening.  On top of that, the next performers were the Neon Trees.  I love the Neon Trees.  Bummer!  Then we get to the parking garage and it’s full.  So we have to park over near the freeway exit and power walk to the Rep. I don’t do that so well.

We had 13 minutes before the show started.

We get into the building with 2 minutes to spare, and as we walk down the isle the cell phone reminder is playing overhead. We squeeze past the people we are sitting next to just as the house goes pitch black, so I keep trying to go farther than I need to stepping on Perry before realizing I am right in front of my seat.

Then a single spotlight begins to light up the stage as Charles Ross vocalizes the opening music of the Star Wars movie.  He is a tall fellow in a black jump suit that only makes him look taller.  There is nothing else on the stage, and as he get more and more into the movie, you find there doesn’t need to be.  Your imagination begins plugging in the movie images he creates with his body.  At times, I remember thinking that it felt like I was watching a kid playing on that stage trying to explain to his friends a movie they had never seen.  You could see that he genuinely enjoyed being a fan of the franchise and performing this show.

Mr. Ross takes only the essential parts of the script that move the movie along and uses those in his show. So some things like the iconic Jedi Mind Trick “These are not the droids your looking for” and the Han Solo vs. Greedo scene aren’t in the show and Leia’s “Scruffy looking, nerf hearder” line is also omitted.  Although, I am very interested to hear his take on the Han v.  Greedo scene.

The transitions from scene to scene are fluid and dissolve into one another with ease.  The lighting tech and the actor have this show down the a science.

My favorite parts, aside from the little talk session he had at the end of the show,  were the Death Star blowing up (Twice), the Luke attack by the Wompa, and his dead on impression of an AT-AT Walker.  Oh yeah, and his Chewbacca reaction at the end of A New Hope.  Oh, oh and his dead on impression of the Emperor at the end of Return of the Jedi.  HILARIOUS!!!

You really do want to see this amazing show.  It’s only an hour long, but I feel like the tickets are totally worth it.  He has crafted a truly funny love letter to the original Star Wars Trilogy that every fan boy/girl can love and appreciate.  For more information on show times, click HERE.

You can read an interview with Mr. Ross in the Metro.

Check out what I mean.