Shuboy, the Fresh Prince says “the sun’ll come out tomorrow!”

A few weeks back I wrote about Barbra wanting to remake “Gypsy.” I grabbed at my hair and tried to tug it all out while asking myself WHY??  It’s been done already!!  We don’t need another.  Let it be, Babs.  Let it be.

But hold the phone kids this one is just as bad.  Will Smith would like to head a remake of “Annie” starring his daughter, Willow Smith, as the lead role.  Worse than that, Sony pictures seems to be on board as a backer for the movie.  Even worse, Jay-Z is in talks to join the project to collaborate on the music! Does this mean that the regular Broadway music will be replaced?  Will it be a rapping Annie?  No one is saying a word.

Whew, that was like a game of “What’s grosser than gross?”  Remember those?  But back to our story.

I don’t have anything against any of them, but I am wondering if it wouldn’t be better for them to create a new vehicle rather than a rehash of an old dated musical.  There aren’t any great original musicals on Broadway or film regarding African American children and they could be a dream team to pull this off.

The sad trend in Hollywood seems to be to remake as many things as possible as quickly as possible.  And should a remake not get the green light, then a sequel is the next best option.  I mean do we really need another Beverly Hills Chihuahua?  I think not.  However, with big studios being the greedy entities they are, if there’s a big name attached to something, ANYTHING, then they are willing to put crap on the screen.  What gets me is that people GO and WATCH it!

I say leave the movie alone and do something original and powerful.  For the love of whatever god you believe in, Smith!

Then again, how many samples did Will Smith use in his music?  I guess he needs to sample scripts too.

Parents just don’t understand.

Barbra WHY?


Big news coming from the mouth of Barbra Streisand that she would love to play the role of Mama Rose in a feature film.

She has been in talks with several people and there are backers like Warner Bros. and Joel Silver for the idea so I think it may actually happen.

While I do love me some Babs, I have to wonder: What the hell are you thinking, gurl?  Yes, you have performed some amazing roles, but does the world really need another remake of Gypsy?  It’s just been on Broadway for the umpteenth time in recent years, and it already has two versions, one starring Roslyn Russell and the other while it was a TV movie was still a well produced piece starring the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler.  There have been many incredible women who have played this iconic role, what would you bring to it that hasn’t already been done?

I love you to death Babs, but please don’t do it.  Although I would still go and watch it.  There are rumors that Tom Hanks may be asked to play Herbie, which has Barbra even more stoked for this project. So I will ask for not another remake, but won’t deny that I won’t have my behind in a darkened theatre on opening day!

Just for kicks, check out the current diva who played Mama Rose.

No wonder she won the Tony!!  Work it, Patti.

Speaking of just for kicks.  Every diva has her moments, but I totally agree!!