You’re A Good Man, Scott Stanley…

Mr. Scott Stanley

Last night, I learned that a theatre friend had passed away.  I haven’t learned the details. Mostly because I just saw him like 2 or 3 weeks ago.  He was happy and looked healthy.  I kinda feel like if I knew how, it would be too real.

This is the first time someone in my theatre family has died, and I don’t know how to take it. I have known him for almost exactly 5 years.

I met Scott for the first time at auditions for Sweet Charity back in 2009.  The very first thing he said to me was “I am not a dancer.” I told him “Don’t worry.  Neither am I.”  He gave this huff of air that said he didn’t believe me so I continued “I just want to see what your sense of movement is.  Don’t worry about the steps as much as the energy.”  He gave me a little nod and went to the back of the stage.

When we were talking about casting people, his picture came up and I said to Bill “I like him.  He’s kinda weird.”

After the first week of choreo, Scott had this frustrated look and I asked him if he was okay.  “I can’t do this.  I have bad knees.”  Good to know. We figured out some alternatives for him but every day I would ask him how his knees were. There was a lot of unfamiliar turning and body angles so I wanted to make sure no one got hurt.  Every time he would answer “I’m okay, just gotta watch those knees.”  He watched them and he worked so hard.  I hope I didn’t make them worse.

Whenever I think of pained knees, he is always the first person that comes to mind.  Even when it was my own, during A Chorus Line.

He was a wonderful and kind man. A great supporter of the theatre and an even more enthusiastic participant.  I don’t know how he got to every theatre event in the area, but he did. Well at least it seemed that way.  Sometimes I would swear he was a time traveller to be able to do it.  He was a funny fellow and thought so cleverly that I would look forward to any comments he would make on people’s FaceBook posts. I am going to miss seeing him on the stage or in the audience.  I going to miss those great comments.

I can only imagine how those closer to this great guy are taking this news.

Until our paths cross again, my friend, I shall look for your name in those bright lights in the sky.

Rest in peace, Scott.

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