Revenge of the Sixth!!…


POWER: After having a wonderful weekend off, I had to get back to the daily grind.  Things have been a roller coaster ride at the nursery.  It’s been insanely busy and some of my tasks have fallen by the wayside as we make the most of the of foot traffic that is in the store.  Just like a ride, my heart was in my throat at the start. I’ve been through hoops, turned upside down and jarred on the “hills” of the track.  The thing that I’ve come to realize is that I am in control of how long the ride goes.  Knowing this has given me a surge of…I don’t know…maybe power.  I now understand that I control the outcome of the ride!  Now the question becomes do I have enough in me to hop on the ride one more time?


PASSION:  I’ve gotten this fire lit under my arse all of a sudden.  Ever since last summer I have been trying to hit all the projects that were of interest to me.  I have also tried to get my foot in the door with new theatre companies.    So with new projects popping up, I am feeling like that fire is being fanned and fed.  I may be tired at times and not have a free moment to myself, but I feel more alive than I have in years past.  People always remark “How do you find the time?”  or “I can’t believe you have time to do _________!” or “When do you sleep?!?”  Life is definitely too short, so I will sleep when I’m dead.


ORDER: When I am at home, I have begun the process of trashing all the junk that I don’t need. It’s been tough to admit to myself “F*^k it, I am never going to get to that.”  It’s helped me to understand that I cannot do everything and that I need to sometimes just let go.  This process has given me a clearer head and a deeper appreciation for all the wonderful things that are in my life.

I feel like I can easily become a Sith Lord!  Yes, I know that they are “evil” but I say it’s all about perspective.  SO for now I lift my head and let out an “evil’ laugh.



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