Can you believe 2013 is right around the corner?

I want to keep it light today.  Light as in upbeat and optimistic.  I’ve noticed that in many posts, while I have been praising things like theatre, I often turn a little dark, sometimes a little angry,  somewhere toward the end. So let’s stay bouncy today!

As we near the halfway mark of 2012, lots of people are going about their lives as usual. I’m sure at one time or another have used some form of the phrase: “is it ___________ already?”  Most of the time I’ve used it when hours are just flying by…or not.  I heard myself today saying it about July!  And it wasn’t just once or twice.  I think I may have started every new conversation with it. “Can you believe we are in July already?”  Sometimes, I can’t believe it, but that really doesn’t change the fact that it is, so what’s the use believing or not.

Then I started thinking how it’s already practically 2013!!  Now that the 4th is over, August is going to fly by, then comes Labor Day. Soon fall will arrive and bring with it Halloween.  My favorite time of the year.  I go around and randomly sing the phrase “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Nipping at it’s heels is Thanksgiving and Christmas just barges right in!.  Then voila, we are back to New Year’s Day.

I tell you these next 6 months are going to scream on by.

Yes, I know there’s the whole Aztec Calendar worry, but I just think we will discover something new and how we once thought will need to change.  That’s all.  Kinda like all the people thinking the Earth was flat.  Then when they learned it wasn’t thinking was adjusted.  No big.  I have a feeling it will be something like that.

I don’t really have any plans for any of the holidays as of the moment, but I usually don’t celebrate them anyway.

The thing that we love to do, my friends and I, is to gather at one of our little apartments and have a pot luck.  The great thing is that we are all under the same roof and sharing in one another’s company.  Such good times, with such amazing people.

Man, now I want the holidays to be here NOW!  hahaha.

What’s your favorite holiday?  Has it passed or are we fast approaching it?  Do you share in my love for Halloween?  Oh, let’s discuss!!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Can you believe 2013 is right around the corner?

  1. I have been saying this, too! Only, I’ve been saying it nearly every month! Ha-ha! Why is this year flying by so quickly? Or have they all been this way and I’m only now catching on?
    I love our little gatherings. My favorite holiday being our own creation: Video game, pajama, donut day! Woot! ❤


      1. But Diagnose, that means the end of the year is going to arrive with such rapidity how can you enjoy those chilly blustery nights with a nice hot cup of cocoa? Or bundle up in a cozy sweater and go for a walk when it’s a little windy and listen to the leaves crunch under your feet? It just happens too fast. 😉


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