And the elliptical keeps on spinning…

May, oh, May, where did you go??
I merely turned around and found myself stranded on the road with not a vehicle in sight.  
To the left and to the right of the road there were things to do and see, and as I journeyed through these things, I forgot that my destination lies elsewhere.

Throughout the month of May, I felt like I was running here and there to experience things and meet people but I totally forgot to keep my training in the other disciplines in my mind as well.  So while my dancing continues to strengthen, things like vocal and analysis took a back seat to other stuff.

Do I regret it?  No, I can’t say that I do.  Although, I know it reared it’s ugly little head at my last audition.  But, what’s been done is done.  I’m currently gearing up for another podcast, so I shall be talking about it then.

Have you lost track of time and forgot that you wanted to do stuff that you never got to?  How’d you handle it?  Did you rush to get everything done in the last minute?  How do you handle time management?

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