Happy π Day!

For those of you who forgot math class,  π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209 and more since it NEVER ends or repeats!! NEVAAAHHHH!!!!

So in honor of 3.14 day or March 14th, I would like to spend the day trying not to repeat myself and not having a single minute of unproductiveness.  I may be sick/ill, but I think that I lose too much time being unfocused even when I am feeling just fine.  So that is going to be my challenge for tomorrow.

I dare say, I may even bake a pie just to do it.  AND I’ll mark it with a π!!

In the spirit of π Day just for the fun of it!!

Most people don’t celebrate 3.14, but I didn’t either.  I just thought that this year, I wanted to do something just for kicks.

What are you going to do this π Day?  Have you ever challenged yourself just for the fun of it?  What did you do?  Maybe you can give me an idea of what to do for next year.  Leave a comment below!


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