Paranormal Service Announcement…

Last night, well, Thursday night my sig other and I went to the drive in and watched the highly anticipated Paranormal Activity 3.

You’ve heard me tout how much I love horror/scary/thriller type movies.  Some people aren’t willing to watch these types of movies because they feels it invites something bad to “go home” with them or they don’t enjoy the sensation of being scared. I absolutely love it!  I love the sensation, AND I feel like I take home some of that fearfulness.

When I watch a really good horror movie, I get so freaked out that I totally cannot sleep.  I am too freaked out about every noise that I hear in the apartment, though I know that most of the noise is from the upstairs neighbor’s kids.  Now, I feel like I owe it to you to give you a heads up.

Having seen the original movie at a midnight premier, I still get chills thinking about some of the things that happened in that movie.  I remember sitting in the  theatre in Santa Cruz with my munster and the BFF’s and when the ending came, (where she looks at the camera then lunges for it) I knew there was going to be a close up on her and I didn’t think I could handle it, so I closed my eyes and listened to the packed audience scream.  I think that was more unnerving than having seen it.

I missed seeing the second movie in the theaters, but I caught it on Netflix and I thought it was pretty good. It had some pretty good moments, but it paled to the original.

Then, as I said earlier, we watched part 3 on Thursday night.  I’ve been romanticizing the notion of seeing a movie at the drive-ins for a few months now.  So on a whim, we got in the car and headed over to place.  When we got there, the lines were a mess and on top of that they weren’t moving at all.  So finally when we get to the cashier, I find out that this place only takes cash.  Say what?  Why haven’t they updated their system?  But then again, it’s a freakin’ drive-in so I guess it’s my issue.  So I had to pull over to the side and get out to try and get cash from the ATM.  Wouldn’t you know it, my old card wouldn’t read in the machine.  So we missed the showing that we originally wanted to see, but I had to get gas from the station right around the corner and got some cash from there.  Woo hoo, and we are back to the movies.  Too bad it started already.  So we pay the 6.50 each admission (love that it was so cheap) and go play some pinball.  After we exhaust our funds, we go and scour the radio and find the station for the screen that’s playing “Contagion” and we watch the last hour.  Riveting story that one is.

So when our movie finally starts (30 minutes late), the excitement is palpable.  After seeing the commercial and it stating that the last 15 will mess you up for life, I was very nearly sweating because of  the anxiety.  As we got into the movie, I’ve found that the script was alright, but there were some questions that didn’t get answered like in the original, there was a claim of a fire that wiped everything out.  No fire in the movie.  There were scenes in the commercial that they showed that weren’t in the movie, like the two young girls playing Bloody Mary.

There were about 5 or 6 moments that were thrilling, but when the ending came, I turned to Perry and said, that f*****ng better not be the thing they are going to end with.  And lo and behold that was it.  I turned to him and said, are you kidding me?  The last 15 minutes didn’t really affect me.  I was able to sleep just fine.

So friends, don’t don’t don’t waste your money going to see this movie! Wait til you can catch it on Netflix.  It isn’t really scary, and it’s only an hour and twenty minutes.  I felt totally ripped off, but it was of my own choice. Because of that, I feel like I must make you aware of this movie and save your time and money.

Is there something that you’ve seen that left you shaking your head?  Oh, please share, cuz if we can save each other time for more constructive things, that would be faboo!

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