I need to rest up from my weekend!

That’s right.  From my weekend, not for.  From.

Thanks to some wonderful incredible and generous people at work, I was able to get a  couple of days off to attend a seminar called “Acting Success Now.”

The hosts, Michelle and Bobby Colt, have been giving this workshop for the last 7 years and this weekend’s was the very first in San Francisco.   They do plan on coming again just before Thanksgiving. It’s’ so weird to say this, but it wasn’t at all what I expected, but at the same time it was.  Lemme break that down, cuz it’s a little whack.

I was thinking it was going to be like an “acting class” where you work with partners and move around and “perform” little skits in order to practice a lesson or exercise.  It was actually the opposite.  It was more of a lecture and the exercises were mostly individual and internal in our seats.  A lot of what is worked on is our personal relationships with emotions and beliefs and such, there’s a list below.   So sitting for 7 hours for 3 days in a darkish room with no natural light was quite the chore.  Not only that, the chairs got uncomfortable after a while (which is probably the purpose so no one falls asleep) and I kept having to shift weight, cross and uncross my legs, etc.

It did help me find out things about myself as a person and not only a performer that will forever adjust my thinking.  That’s what I expected.  Also, that I would like what I learned, and I did.

On Saturday night when my friends asked me what the workshop was about, I couldn’t really put it into words in a good way since I was still digesting ALL the things that had happened for the last two days. So I am going to try and boil it down for you: Now this workshop is so individualistic that how I interpret it may not be the same way another person would.

The tagline for this seminar is “Getting Out of Your Own Way” and they mean it on the most subatomic level!

There are 5 levels that keep us locked into who we are and all of them are given to us for our “survival.”  I will do a podcast featuring the 5 levels but I am still readjusting my notes and recordings so that it can truly sink in. And maybe I can find something that I didn’t catch before.

But the 5 levels are 1. The Brain and Nervous System   2. Thinking Level   3. Emotional Level   4. Biological Level   and 5. External Level

All of these levels are given to us by our environment and society, but the great thing is that it can be overridden.

But that’s another topic.

Here’s a quick example: When you’re a baby, how do you breathe?  You breathe from your stomach as well as your diaphragm.  People don’t do that anymore because everyone is trying to look skinny.  That’s not good.

When you’re a baby, when do you sleep?  Whenever you’re sleepy!  As we get older, we are told when to sleep and that becomes our habit.

When you’re a baby, when do you eat?  When you’re hungry!  Again, as we get older, the parents make you eat when it’s dinner time even if you aren’t hungry.

Do you see the things that we hold on to?  There’s so much more than just these, but these are the questions that stuck with me the most.  Those are some of the biological questions.  The others are equally fascinating.

Until next time…

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