South Park creators preview on Broadway!!

Hey look, more religious stuff!  Albeit, funny and offensive in all the best ways, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have finally made a musical that is on Broadway.  Previews began this past Thursday at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, so you know it’s gonna get some hate mail by Monday.  When you check out the website for “The Book of Mormon” under the cast list, there’s a long list of young hungry Broadway veterans and also on there is one Bay Area native, Nick Spangler, who makes his Broadway debut with this show!  Congrats to him!!


I never understood a devout person’s need to force feed their beliefs on other people.  I am so happy to say “More power to ya for believing as completely as you do.” and mean it, but its not an invitation for you to try and convert me.  I love that these guys are brave enough to take on the Mormon corporation and poke it with a stick.  Yeah, they are gonna get a ton of angry people and a lot of threats probably, but if anyone can shake it off it’ll be these two.

And so to Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker,  your work on South Park always reminds me that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously.  In doing that show, you also smartly point out the ridiculous things we, as a society, tend to revere.  As a fan of everything you’ve created so far especially Orgasmo and BASEketball, and except for Team America (the puppets were creepy), I wish you incredible success with this show. AND I can’t wait to see it!!!!

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