Hey Academy!!!

For your consideration….

Christian Bale – Best Supporting Actor!!!

So we just got back from seeing the movie “The Fighter.”  Talk about AMAZING!!! It was engaging and freaking intense.  WOW! I was literally on the edge of my seat at times.  I left the theater with a headache from clenching my jaw and holding my breath during the matches.   It was a brilliant piece of cinematic work.  There were times when the camera work during the matches seemed to tweak out. Maybe it’s just me.  I was so impressed with the entire ensemble.  There wasn’t a single moment when I felt bored or thought the movie was slow.  There were a few redundancies, what with the whole who takes care of you better than your family squabbles.  They weren’t overwrought so it wasn’t so bad.

Bale’s performance was spectacular! I am so glad to see him finally recognized for the work that he creates.  He is in turns hilarious, vulnerable, intelligent, and heartbreaking.  Especially when he says to Micky that Micky had the potential to do what he, Dick, couldn’t accomplish.  If  on February 27, Bale isn’t called up to that stage, my faith in the Academy would be destroyed completely!

As a theatre dork and not an athlete, I didn’t think that I would love this movie as much as I did.  It was truly inspiring, and for that reason I would also like to say

For your consideration…

The Fighter – Best Picture of the Year

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