Let’s start at the beginning one more time…

Woo hoo!! The countdown to my first rehearsal for the next show has begun! Less than half a day to go and I have to say that I am very nearly biting my nails with nerves and excitement. Orientation for Bless Me, Ultima with Teatro Vision will be held tomorrow.  It’ll be great to finally get to meet everyone that is in the cast.

A brief synopsis of the show is as follows: The Marez family is one full of conflicts.  The central character of the play is the youngest son, Tony.  His mother wants him to grow up to become a priest “which will bring honor to their family.”  His father wants him to be a vaquero or cowboy because “his people are of the llano” and long to be out in the open.  A friend of the family, Ultima, one day comes to live with the Marez family.  Ultima is like a a female shaman; she uses herbs and natural ingredients to cure illness and even curses.  Tony, who has been conditioned to believe that god is only found in church, becomes confused with knowledge that Ultima shares with him regarding what she’s able to do.

One of the things that usually happen during the first rehearsal is a table read, or a read thru.  Basically, everyone just sits and reads the script.  It’s not exciting to describe, but as people settle in to the reading you get to hear the beginnings of the possibility that is held within.  Sometimes, that simple exercise of the table read, creates a great bonding experience if the script is powerful enough.

I’ve read the book and there are a lot of things that couldn’t be fit into the play.  While reading the script, I sort of feel like the transitions between the scenes are a little abrupt.  I will be eager to see what the lighting and scene design team are going to come up with.

Something else that I want to accomplish tomorrow is to set a time for an interview with the director of the play.  I hope to talk to her about not only the play but also Teatro Vision and her experience in theatre.  Maybe I’ll be able to get her to help me score an interview with the playwright.

I am so excited for this next project, and I will keep you posted.

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