This is going to be…good?

Thanks, American Musical Awards, for completely underwhelming me.  Most of your presenters had lame intros or they simply couldn’t read a prompter.  The performers were pretty damn boring and even my faves turned in mediocre performances which was the only reason why I bothered watching the show.  I don’t care too much about the awards themselves.

The only thing that made me really interested, laughed even, was when one of the members of Muse thanked Charles Darwin!!

There were moments that had such potential, but weren’t fully realized.  One of them was when Christina Aguilera performed a number from her movie “Burlesque.”  I was so excited when it began, but the bastardized Fosse steps incorporated into a performance that was lackluster and even at times looked lip synced made my excitement dwindle.

When I heard P!nk was going to perform, I was so jazzed.  During a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest (I only stayed tuned because of her, I swears!!!) she would only say that she was going to go “old school.”  Ryan asked her if that meant she was going to do a medley, she simply repeated “We’re going old school.”  I totally thought she was going to sing some of the old stuff.  No dice!  She only performed “Raise Your Glass” but was dressed like the 80’s and danced like it too.  So it was funny but not one of her best.  The BSB/NKOTB mashup that started their number was interesting but only if they were   able to pull off the whole number like that would it have been cool.

There were some performances that were a train wreck like Katy Perry’s and Carlos Santana featuring Gavin Rossdale.  The most interesting aspect of her performance was her dancers.  The Black Eye Peas were so-so, but it was only because the music of the song was way better than everything else they were doing.

I don’t know what some of the people were wearing, but yikes!  It looked like Mylie Cyrus was trying to hide a baby bump.  Then Pat from Train was wearing silver sequined pants that looked like they were made for a tween.  Ke$ha tried her best to hide a copycat Lady Gaga outfit.  And no, the green hair didn’t look good, Rihanna.

Oh, there was plenty else that looked like doggy diarrhea but I think I’ve wasted enough time talking about the program.

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