As of 9/29….CONGRATS to Joseph M. Monks and crew!!!  With 34 hours left in the campaign his total is at $5,228.  His goal was to collect just 5 G’s, but thanks to generous people who would like to help out the Indie filmmaker, his work will be completed.  I am looking forward to seeing what the end result will finally be.  Congrats again, and I wait with antici………………………………………………..pation!


Okay, I just read this article about a movie director that I had let you all know about to try and help out.

With Hollywood seemingly not having any imagination, what with all the remakes, oh sorry “re-imaginings” (that’s total BS!), something that is different needs to be promoted. Truth be told, we’ve all seen a slasher flick done over a million times, but what’s one more that has a twist.  It’s not a total slasher film, add in a cup of psycho-thiller, and you get “The Bunker.”

The twist in this instance is that the director, Joseph M. Monks,  as he likes to put it is “100 percent, lights-out blind blind. And I’ve directed a feature film.” He lost his sight due to diabetic retinopathy.  By working ever so closely with his cinematographer,  he has done what people have thought was impossible.  In true underdog fashion, he screened this movie at a few film festivals to seriously positive results! Here are a few quotes…

“I expected it (The Bunker) to be enjoyable, but this was so much more. The script is solid. The production values are good. The direction and editing are excellent. A solid story told well. I was suitably impressed–nice job!”
–Carnell, FANGORIA Magazine features writer

“A well-crafted, well-executed story that will stay with you long after the final credits roll. The Bunker is as frightening as the headlines on CNN, because it’s just as real, and twice as disturbing.”
–Franklin E. Wales, Editor, The Hacker’s Source

“Pretty soon, people won’t even pay attention to the fact Joe can’t see, because his film stands on its own. It’s that good…you’ll forget a blind guy directed it.”
–Mike Koneful, HorrorBiz

“For a lot of people, this film has got to be inspiring. And, look at the money he saves by not having to use a monitor!”
–Ted A. Bohus, Producer, The Deadly Spawn

Here’s where you come in.  The movie, already has had distribution offers, however it is in need of finishing postproduction elements.  The film has turned to the fundraising site Kickstarter for a little help.  There’s a short video of Mr. Monks speaking about the project followed by his little Indy flick.  When you watch the trailer, keep in mind that this isn’t the completed package.  He has 15 days to raise a little more than $3,000.  Will you be a backer of a truly inspiring story and exciting film?  You could pledge as little as a dollar or the whole $3,000.  What’s important is that we try and get this film to the big screen!

UPDATE: 13 days left, and I don’t think his total has moved.  Bummer.  If you can’t help out financially, maybe you can post this on your Facebook page or your blog.  In any case, please help support a unique project.

UPDATE 2: 12 days left and the project just had another $450 added to it.  $2,800 to go!