I have been out of commission for a while as I have been moving but also, I got the worst cold that I have ever had in about 3 or 4 years.

First bit of news I have is that the company orientation for “Breaking Up is Hard To Do” is on Sunday!  It’ll be great to get to know the cast a little before I start hounding them.

Second bit of news, is a total YAY moment.  You know how when you move, you end up finding little treasures that you had believed long since lost? Well, I had that moment happen! And as it turns out, what I found was the very thing that I needed to reconstruct the interview with Bill Starr.  So, I will begin (again for the umpteenth time) to re-edit it so that the voice levels are even and as clear as I can make them.

Third bit of news, I know there are certain things in my life that I must change.  One of them is that I would LOVE to jog more. I find that when I run I have better stamina when it comes to dancing and singing on stage.  You don’t sound or feel like you can’t breathe.  That was just a side note, an awkward segue if you will.  The real story is the video that follows.  Hugh Hysell is trying to nab a spot on The Biggest Loser.   He has submitted the BEST audition video.  I hope you cheer him on like I did!

Good Luck, Hugh!!!

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