Yay! Even more bad news…

When I conduct my interviews, I take a digi recorder and mic along with my now not-so-trusty macbook with me so that way I have a back up copy of the talk.  I am not sure why, but for the interview with Bill, he sounds like he is sitting in a whole other room.  I can barely hear what he’s saying, and it just makes me even more angry that this happened.  Especially since I was about an hour away from posting episode 2.

In short my friends, there will be no interview with Bill Starr.  I will have to try and catch him another time and see if he would be willing to have another meeting.  So, I am trying to get another interview to fit into a podcast and post it later today.  I will keep you updated in an hour or so.

2 thoughts on “Yay! Even more bad news…

  1. I thought about doing that, but I wasn’t sure if people would read it. I will try breaking it up into small chunks so that people don’t get tired of reading. We talked for nearly an hour!


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