First time on stage with “stuff”…

The light at the end of the tonight's tunnel.

Woe is me…Ah, Shakespeare! Never in theatre have truer words been written.

The cast ran through act 1 this evening.  We had use of the sets and some of the props.  For the most part things moved along.  We did stop to fix a few issues like getting the cast to help with some of the set pieces during the changes.  The spacing NEEDS to be addressed, but when I tried to do it on Sunday, there were so many people missing that I don’t know if it was worth the time.  The good thing is that Bill said that if there is anything that needs to be fixed, I can stop and address the issue.  I had no idea that I was allowed to do that.  I guess I was just under the impression that only the director had that authority.  When I worked for AMT, I never saw the choreographer stop the scene.  Now that I have that juicy bit of knowledge, I think I’ll be good to go.

The set changes were slow, and they take up SO much room that the wings have no room for the cast when they have to make the 3 second (seriously, it’s 3 seconds) quick costume change.  I am excited that Bill liked my idea of repurposing some costumes from West Side Story to give to Charity, Helene, and Nicki,  I just hope the costumer isn’t too upset that I brought this up and tried to fix a missing piece of the puzzle.

I feel that at this point, my head is going to burst and a mixture of Skittles, thumb tacks, and erasers will come pouring down like confetti.  I know it’s not my job to get them to rehearse on their own time.  I’ve worked for theatre companies before, and the cast usually find their own time to get the steps down.   Then again, I do feel that I have to do everything that I can to make the show the best that it can be.   So I’ve decided to open the rehearsal hall early everyday this week, and possibly next week if we can’t be in the theatre.

I tell you what, friends, this is going to be the longest tech week EVER.

I am so bummed because there was a piece of audio that I really wanted to bring to you, but I experienced user issues.  Yeah, like I turned on the digital recorder, but not the actual mic.  Ha, here I am talking about details, and yet, I can’t even pay attention to my own details.  So that will be my note to myself.  Turn on your microphone, Jery.

Bill Starr sets Act 1, Scene 1

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