“I know you, don’t I?…”

Today, I went to the Sunnyvale Community Players fundraiser at Barnes and Noble.  It was great to see so many fellow performers.  Hopefully, the fundraiser was a success!  Thanks to B&N for being awesome and supporting the Arts!!

One thing I didn’t expect was to run into a former boss-lady from WAY back.  I worked with her for almost 12 years ago.

This got me thinking about all the things I did at that job.  One of the things I did was similar to one of my responsibilities that I have now.   It’s dawned on me that I have just been running in circles “professionally” speaking.  My 9-5’s always seem to end up the same.

Figuring out life it tough.

Does anyone have any shortcuts…

The end.

Thanks to Icanhascheezburger.com for the pic.  That’s kind of how I felt when I saw her.

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