🎼 And I Love A Cabaret… 🎶

#13! Talk about a lucky table!

Dear Gentle Reader,

Last night, I was thoroughly entertained at a small cabaret show produced by Society Cabaret. The show starred one of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and sort of working with. By that, I mean that we did a show together😀, but were never in any actual scenes with one another😞. I had intended to go to his previous show a few months back, but because of my lack of organization, I totally spaced out on it. I was lucky enough that this time around I was more prepared. (Yay bullet journal!- See previous post for reference…)

Now, my friends, if you ever are in the San Fransisco area or even San Jose (because they do have some events there as well) I highly recommend that you treat yourself to at least one of them! (Wesla Whitfield is their next show -fabulous lady and when I was in conservatory, I got to take her masterclass. It was incredible.)

Last night’s performance was located in the Hotel Rex in San Fran and this space is wonderfully cozy and charming. They do pack in the audience but it isn’t uncomfortable. The small menu features delicious looking food that I was tempted on ordering just to try, but seeing how we just came from dinner, probably wouldn’t have been financially responsible. What to do? What to do?

You opt for a bottle of Prosecco, of course. 😋

Then, the lights dimmed and the star of the evening arrived on stage, John Rinaldi. His show, He Said/She Said, was a journey through some great love songs in musical theatre.❤️ Some by men, some by women but all of them beautiful.  It was nice to be reminded of songs I hadn’t heard in a very long time like the two numbers from Kiss of the Spider Woman  or ones that I have never heard at all. Speaking of never heard at all, his number, which I believe was called  “Mrs. Brown,” was spectacular.  Beautiful and sad.  One of my two favorites of the night. He shared the stage with three other guests over the course of the show.  The other fave was a showstopping rendition of “Kiss of the Spider Woman.” Perfectly suited for one of the featured women. The duet of “It Couldn’t Please Me More” from Cabaret was sheer delight.  “I Dreamed A Dream” was also fantastic and just made the night even more perfect.

It was a wonderful night filled with lovely songs in a great venue, and as I mentioned earlier, Gentle Reader, you should really check it out if the opportunity arrises.

Speaking of opportunities, since I enjoyed it so much, I was speaking with one of the owners (I think) and I may try and set up a chance to join such incredible voices like John on that stage. I just want to see if I can do it.  One of those “if it scares you, you should do it” type things.

One thing that I do need to say: I am so sad that I hadn’t been to one of these events sooner as two incredible singers, Morgan Dayley and Glenna Murillo (both of which I have seen perform in other shows) had their shows last year!! So angry with myself for missing those! 😡

Oh Gentle Reader, all of the performance things I want to do is sometimes overwhelming, but since I want to try them all, I just simple have to go out there and do it, right? Right!

With that in mind, my friends, I have a brunch date to get to.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Gentle Reader. Go listen to your favorite cast recordings and sing along.  By the by, what are some of your faves? Maybe I will give them a spin while I am out and about.  They’d be especially helpful to and from tonight’s rehearsal.

Until next time…

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