♪♫ Working 9 To 5…♩♩♬…And 7 – 10…


So the kick off rehearsal for WVLO’s 9-5 was tonight and I feel like I can breathe again!

Without having a show to go to after work, I felt like I was going stir crazy.  I focused on a lot of random and mostly useless things.

Then yesterday, I had this random burst of productivity.  I have my suspicions that subconsciously I wanted rehearsals to have begun yesterday.

Things are taking off! While I am on the hunt to find my staff for Jesus Christ Superstar, “9 to 5” begins rehearsal.


Then I was offered a role in the staged reading series for Dragon Theater Company.  The character is an Artist’s Agent and kind of a jerk.

I have a feeling that 2013 is going to fly by!!

But let’s focus on the now…

“9 to 5” is gonna be so totally, radically 80’s.  I am told there are going to be some great dance numbers.  I cannot wait to get my Roger Rabbit on or maybe some other 80’s dances.


Yeah, I know these are totally terrible, but it’s pretty close to the actual dances.

Once we get our 80’s on, I will try and get the cast to do some of our own videos.


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